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 Online Dating Safety Tips


by Admin 03 Apr. 2020



Beware of your personal information

The internet can be a nasty place when it comes to personal information. Although 99% of the websites with online dating are safe to use - that is, no hackers or similar come and read your letters. Something scammers can't resist is to try to lure personal information out of people. Hackers and scammers are very creative and will certainly be able to use your personal information for something dirty.


 Use the web site messaging systems

When you find a cute woman to write with, you might like to move your writing to another platform - for example email. This is not recommended unless you are 100% sure she is the one she says. Scammers have a limited life on the websites until they are discovered and the profile is deleted. Before the profile is deleted, they would like to have something out of their work - and if they get hold of your e-mail address, you may risk continuing their scam. A clear danger signal is if you promptly asked for your email address. Instead, use the messaging systems available on the respective online dating sites.



Check if they are the ones they claim

If your online girlfriend is the one she says, it should also be possible to find something about her on the internet. The first thing you can do is create a "reversed image search" on Google. Either save an image on your computer or find the URL of a picture of the one you want to investigate. You can do this by right-clicking on the image and pressing "open image on new tab". Then the image will open in a new window, and you can find the URL up there, where you type the web site's address. Click on this link: - then click on the small camera. Then insert the URL for the image or you can upload the image you want to search for. Google will find all the websites where the image is displayed (if indexed by Google). If nothing didn't come up - perhaps the pictures have been taken specifically for creation on that dating site. If the images pop up on several dating websites, the person maybe not be the one she claims. It may also be that her pictures are abused - therefore do not conclude anything before you are completely sure. Search for her on Facebook and other social media. If you are interested in a woman from an Eastern European country, she may not be on Facebook - try instead. It's pretty much the same.


Never send money

You should never send money to someone you have never met. An extremely prominent scam on various online dating sites is the one where women ask for money for a plane ticket so they can come and meet you. Unfortunately, results in many times that you either never hear from her again or she will try to scam you further. In particular, you should pay attention to whether she consistently postpones your meeting indefinitely and the like.



Do not highlight your financial success

The chance that you have a stronger and healthier economy, with more money between hands than your potential partner, is pretty big. I would say there is a 99% chance that this is the case. You absolutely do not need to advertise this. Why? Because you will quickly attract the attention of scammers as they can see that you have a lot of money. For example, don't set a profile picture of yourself running in a Porsche, Ferrari or the like. The chance that a scammer will contact you will undoubtedly be much greater if they can see you have a lot of funds available. There is no reason for that.